Why does plywood become the favorite material in construction?

Plywood is a product made from very thin layers of wood veneers which are then glued together into a stack. This product has many advantages over traditional wood. Plywood can use different types of wood and is available in various thicknesses.

But one thing is for sure, every plywood always consists of an odd number of wood sheets. Over the years, plywood has been used in the production of many things.

Plywood is made using at least three sheets of wood. These three sheets are rolled and pressed together using an adhesive. This material is most widely used in the world of construction. These are the advantages of plywood:

1. The product is much simpler to use than traditional wood

When it comes to use, there is no process of gluing the boards together.

2. Plywood sheets are always ready to install

You just need to cut the sheets to size and start the construction process.

3. Plywood is more dimensionally stable

Making it reliable in structural applications. If you attach this material to the back of a wardrobe it will not deform over time.

4. Plywood is more affordable than real wood products.

Wood is expensive because not only it is ready-to-use, but also mass-produced, so economies of scale are significant.

5. Plywood comes in different thicknesses and is flexible

Which makes it easy to suit various applications in construction work.

Source: Kompas.com

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